February 3, 2017

Automation Advancements at Automation Plastics

In 2016 the engineering team at Automation Plastics was asked by management to identify a process improvement project that would increase efficiency. In evaluating process improvement opportunities the team focused on automation in general and robotics in particular. Almost immediately we realized that it would be difficult to justify a project for just one process: APC is a custom injection molder with only a few customer products that fully utilize an entire work cell. Additionally, an inherent problem in our business is when a job’s lifetime comes to an end, its associated specialized equipment is difficult, if not impossible, to repurpose. The challenge therefore was to develop a modular automation strategy utilizing flexible equipment adaptable to diverse applications from work cell to work cell. Based […]
January 5, 2017

Dozuki at Automation Plastics

While Work Guidance was the primary focus of APC’s foray into the world of Dozuki, we have discovered a number of other powerful applications for the platform. This blog entry details our experience to date in using Dozuki to support training activities. Data Capture is the Dozuki feature designed to collect metrics, such as measurements of key dimensions or time spent on a given step, as a technician follows a guide. This enables an organization to track productivity trends, the sequence of activities in a process, and capture Quality metrics to demonstrate conformance and consistency. The captured data can be viewed in .pdf (each cycle through the guide generates a single .pdf document) or .csv formats which capture data from all cycles to-date in one […]