Case Studies

Energy Market – Natural Gas Distribution Application

4” Polyethylene Shut Off Valve

The Challenge – Reduce cost of the entire assembly.

The Solution – By working collaboratively with the product design engineers…

  • Converted the costly special extrusion and several fabrication steps used for the body to a 1 pc injection molded component.
  • Greatly simplified several parts and eliminated costly stainless steel hardware by leveraging the properties of plastic by developing a “snapfit” method to hold the assembly together through testing and then locking everything together with the final fusion of the outlets.

The Benefits – Lower cost, ease of manufacturing and assembly, and fewer components.

Consumer Packaging – Aerosol Valve Application

Valve Component

The Challenge – Lower cost & increase throughput through innovations in tooling design and leveraging new molding technologies.

The Solution – Implemented Robotics, High-Performance All-Electric Molding Machine, Vacuum Venting, In-Mold Edge Gate De-Gating

The Benefits – 120% Increase in Through-Put = Lower Part Cost & Increased Capacity. New Tooling Engineering Concepts Also Greatly Reduced Tooling Maintenance Cost and Improved Reliability and Virtually Eliminated Critical Seal Defects.

Automotive Market – Under Hood Air Intake Application

Air Duct Assembly

The Challenge – Provide “JIT” a 3-Part Duct Assembly for the customer.

The Solution – Modular workcell utilizing robotics, cooling conveyors, assembly equipment, color mixing, runner reprocessing.

The workcell can be quickly setup to run the “Mouthpiece” component in a fully automatic mode and then switched over to a accommodate the main Duct tool with the associated semi-automatic assembly.

Processes were also developed to handle the challenging logistics involved in handling WIP and the empty and full returnable packaging to meet the challenging “JIT” requirements.

The Benefits – Exceptional quality and uninterrupted supply.

Automotive Market – Under Hood Air Intake Application

Duct Cage

The Challenge – Design a part to allow the replacement of the existing ridged intake duct with porous acoustic ducting material.

The Solution – Due to the compressed lead-time and lack of plastic part/mold design resources customer relied on APC to quickly design the part and mold. A new “Cage” was designed to fit in the same envelope and connection points as the old duct but allow the mounting, support, and proper airflow required to maximize the benefits of the porous duct material.

The Benefits – Without APC’s help customer would not have been able to capitalize on a small window of opportunity to get their technology on an FCA platform.

Medical Market – Portable O2 Concentrator Application

Feed & Exhaust Disk

The Challenge – Supply a Molded Acetal Disk with a Critical, Flat Machined Surface to a Specific Finish

The Solution – By utilizing scientific molding principals and techniques we developed an injection molding process that produces extremely consistent and flat parts. We then designed and built a palletized system to machine the molded parts to the required 32µ-in finish and within .0025” flatness.

The Benefits – The customer wasn’t satisfied with the quality of work done from overseas. We have a proven track record of exceptional quality and uninterrupted supply.

Major Appliance – Dishwasher

Check Valve

The Challenge – Supply a 2-material Check Valve

The Solution – Several problems with the supplied tool had to be resolved. First the hot runner system of the tool needed refurbishment of the tips. Second the tool needed to be adapted from a vertical to a horizontal 2nd barrel configuration. Lastly the mold utilized a mechanism to rotate the cores from the Acetal side to the Santoprene side. This system used a water coupling that leaked several ounces of water during each molding cycle. We developed a system to evacuate the water before mold open and then continue water flow after mold close.

The Benefits – The customer’s original supplier was unable to consistently supply quality parts. After solving the tooling issues we supplied these check valves reliably until it was obsoleted by a revised design that was awarded to APC.