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Automation Plasitcs welcomes two Arburgs

April 2019 Arburg

Automation Plastics Corporation welcomed two 88 ton all electric Arburg 420a molding machines to replace two aging presses.

Automation Plastics Plastics Machinery


March 2019 Okuma

In an effort to support our growing business, Automation Plastics Corporation took delivery today of our brand new Okuma CNC Lathe which is already 100% booked.. Automation has unique capabilities as we are one of the few injection molders which also does post machining of precision molded parts.

Automation Plastics Plastics Machinery

Automation Plastics featured in Plastics Machinery Magazine

January 2019 Plastics Machinery Jeff Ignatowski Harry Smith Dave Robison

Walk through custom injection molder Automation Plastics’ plant and you will find two extremes. Some of the presses are turning out millions of tiny precision-molded parts, while other presses are producing precision parts with 3-inch thick walls that weigh more than 20 pounds each.

“One of the things that is unique about Automation Plastics is that we have got this niche for high-precision, super-high-volume parts,” said Jeff Ignatowski, VP of sales and marketing. “Then, we have got the other end of the spectrum that are large parts with thick walls. The challenge there is that they cannot have internal voids or inclusions. Again, high precision.”

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Automation Plastics Ken Wedel

Automation Plastics Welcomes Ken Wedel as Director of Operations

September 24, 2018 Director of Operations Ken Wedel

Automation Plastics is pleased to welcome Ken Wedel as Director of Operations. Ken has over 20 years’ experience in plastics injection molding process. He has a manufacturing engineering degree from Western Michigan University and has held a variety of roles within automotive, commercial and packaging in the injection molding industry. In his most recent position as Sr. Manager Technical Services for Rubbermaid, Ken was able to promote continuous improvement, quality, new technology, and overall equipment efficiency to help provide a competitive advantage.

Automation Plastics Ipper Collens, Ann Klonowski,Debbie Grimm, Trox Nix

Automation Plastics featured in Plastics News for receiving the 2018 “Safety Best Practices Award”

July 19, 2018 Safety MAPP Plastics News

Automation Plastics was one of four companies which received the 2018 “Safety Best Practices Award” at the Environment Health and Safety Summit in Columbus, OH presented by MAPP. MAPP had approximately 30 submissions which a team of judges narrowed down to 10. Four winners were selected by a vote of the network of MAPP members

"Automation’s submission highlighted its adoption of the Dozuki platform using tablets to manage safety walk audits. This initiative resulted in real time systematic collection of safety data, expedited corrective actions, and increased effectiveness of the Safety Program in identifying and addressing emerging trends and concerns. Automation has found in Dozuki a powerful, versatile, and adaptable tool for a wide range of applications beyond its core focus on electronic Work Guidance and QMS Documentation Control.


Automation Plastics 7S

Automation Plastics embraces the principles of "Safety" and "Spirit" in our application of the traditional Lean Manufacturing concept of 5S

June 22, 2018 Quality 7S 5S Lean Manufacturing

Like many in our industry, Automation Plastics has been practicing the 5-S methodology for a number of years. In the past year, however, the organization has identified Safety and Spirit as foundational to the effectiveness of Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain.

"Safety" is embodied in our Quality Policy’s focus on providing a “safe, rewarding place to work.” An organization that prioritizes Safety experiences dividends in terms of credibility, caring, compassion, and respect. These attributes of a world class organization are key to a culture of continuous improvement and the empowerment of people.

"Spirit" is all about engagement of people at all levels. Spirit is also about respect. Spirit, as characterized by enthusiasm, effort, and energy, becomes a reality in direct proportion to the corporate practice of transparency, trust, authenticity, and acknowledgment of the worth of the individual. Without Spirit, meaningful change is unsustainable.


Automation Plastics ISO 9001:2015

Automation Plastics obtains ISO 9001:2015 Certification

April 03, 2018 Quality ISO 9001:2015

Automation Plastics Corporation of Aurora, Ohio, achieved certification of registration to the ISO 9001:2015 Standard for Quality Management Systems on 3 April 2018. Automation’s assessment was performed by Advantage International Registrar, Inc., of Raleigh, NC. We recognize that the effort and dedication of our biggest asset, our employees, continues to be the key ingredient of our commitment to contribute to the success of our customers. Automation Plastics has been registered to ISO 9001 for 15 years and is proud to mark our transition to the latest release of this important benchmark of Quality Management excellence.

Automation Plastics Niigata

Automation Plastics Adds Additonal Molding Capacity

March 14, 2018 Niigata Injection Molding

In an effort to support our growth, we are pleased to announce the addition of our latest new press! We took delivery last week of a new Niigata 200 ton all-electric molding machine.

Jeff Ignatowski Automation Plastics

Jeff Ignatowski Joins Automation Plastics as VP of Sales and Marketing

February, 2018 Jeff Ignatowski VP of Sales and Marketing

Automation Plastics Corporation is pleased to welcome Jeff Ignatowski, who will join the Automation Plastics team as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Mr. Ignatowski brings over 28 years of experience in the plastics industry, most recently as the Director of Sales and Marketing with PRISM Plastics, Inc. “I was attracted to the technology, products, teamwork and overall potential of Automation Plastics”, Ignatowski stated. Known for his ability to grow and transform companies, Ignatowski specializes in new business development, marketing, branding and bringing positive change to corporate infrastructures and culture.

““We are so pleased to have Jeff as part of our team and look forward to his efforts in continuing our steady corporate growth and strategies.“, commented Harry Smith, Automation Plastics President and CEO.

Dave Robision Automation Plastics

Dave Robison is hired as VP of Engineering

January, 2018 Dave Robison VP of Engineering

Automation Plastics Corporation is pleased to welcome Dave Robison, who will join the Automation Plastics team as the Vice President of Engineering. Robison brings over 28 years of engineering and product development experience in the plastics industry, most recently as the Senior Manager of Engineering of Global Gas Components with Honeywell. “I have had the opportunity to work on numerous projects with Automation Plastics over the past 25 years, and I have always been impressed with the capabilities, engineering collaboration, quality and overall teamwork. ” Robison stated. Dave is responsible for over a dozen design patents in plastic components and is an expert in thick-wall molding.

“We are delighted to have Dave as part of our team and look forward to him expanding our engineering and product development expertise.“ commented Harry Smith, Automation Plastics President and CEO.