Automation Plastics Enters the Cloud with Dozuki

In 2015, Automation Plastics began exploring platforms for better documenting and communicating information throughout the organization. While the initial impetus was a desire to improve Work Guidance, the team discovered in Dozuki a powerful cloud-based solution to a wide range of organizational challenges.

  • Electronic Work Instructions
  • Visual Training
  • ISO Compliance
  • Safety Programs
  • Human Resources
  • Tech Level Guides and Documentation

In summary, the implementation of the Dozuki platform at Automation Plastics is setting the stage for industry leadership in a unified and standardized codification of organizational knowledge and information which is accessible and relevant at every level in real time.

Processing with RJG

RJG is used to monitor the injection molding process variables during production. It provides a complete process history for each part that is produced. A template is created during production when parts are verified by the Quality Control Department that they are dimensionally acceptable. The template ensures that the right process from the plastics point of view is being used at all times during production. Alarm values are created once the process window is established to help ensure zero defects are shipped to the customer. If the process starts to run out of the process window an alarm is triggered. A cycle that has an alarm will reject the product and separate it from good production parts. After so many alarms within a number of cycles the press will shut down, forcing someone to resolve the issue so no more bad product is being produced.

Maintaining High Quality Standards with Coordinate Measuring Machine

Our Mitutoyo CRYSTA-Apex S776 CMM with scanning ability allows us to perform detailed PPAP’s, in-process checks, capability studies, and reverse engineer both parts and tooling components. With its 700mm X 700mm X 600mm range and 1.7+3L/1000μm (ISO-10360-2:2009) accuracy it is well suited for the vast majority of products and tooling we deal with. The scanning ability allows us to generate hundreds of data points on a feature in the same time, or sometimes faster, than typical touch probe technology.

OMIS II Vision Metrology System

At Automation Plastics we routinely use the RAM Optical OMIS II Vision System to verify molded part profile features smaller than .002”.  Using RAM’s eBx Measurement Software with accuracy of .000001” (1 microinch), autofocus, edge detection, and programmable lighting, the RAM system perfectly complements our Mitutoyo S776 CMM.    This capability is also perfectly suited for analysis and evaluation of high cavitation (up to 128 cavities) fast cycle (4 seconds) mold components and precision molded parts.  The end result is increased customer confidence in the quality and consistency of our products.