RJG Implementation and Process Control at Automation Plastics

Automation Advancements at Automation Plastics
February 3, 2017
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June 22, 2017

RJG Implementation and Process Control at Automation Plastics


RJG Guarantees Process for Zero Defects-May 2017

Automation Plastics began using RJG in 2009.   We started with 1 machine fully equipped with RJG eDART.  We initially used the eDART to verify Process Setup on a few selected precision tolerance customer products.  Technicians were trained on general use of the systems.

In 2010, we purchased another full eDART system, which we installed on a wheeled cart for ease of access when issues were detected with a molding process.   In the majority of cases, we identified root causes related to either Machine Maintenance or the Mold itself.

In 2011 we acquired 11 complete eDART systems. During this time Employees were trained on process setup using the eDART’s templates.    By installing all the eDARTs in one area of the Plant, we were able to train all of our technicians and deploy part containment strategies.   The benefit of RJG’s eDART Process Monitoring and Control began to show within weeks of getting technicians trained and using part diverting for Abnormal Cycles.   APC then Purchased an additional 25 complete eDART systems, completing the installation on every machine in the Plant.  We currently have a total of 33 Injection Molding Machines ranging from 38T to 500T, all of which are interfaced with RJG eDART Process Monitoring and Reject Control/Diverting, using reversing Conveyors and Diverters.  We have also implemented Excessive Rejects Module to shut the molding machine down when the Process is not within the Allowed Process Window.

RJG GraphRJG has given Automation Plastics the ability to verify that our Scientific Molding Processes are robust and stable.   We control all Process Parameters, and never have to guess if the process is correct.   These processes can be monitored from anywhere and we have historical data from every cycle.


RJG has been a huge success in controlling process parameters and verifying molding processes.


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