Precision Injection Molding

At Automation Plastics, we know that quality is paramount when manufacturing plastic parts. We don’t think that a product have inconsistent quality just because it’s small. That’s why we offer precision injection molding.

Injection molding is the perfect compromise between quality and affordability. Injection-molded parts are almost always less expensive and higher quality than their CNC-machined counterparts. The best part? The more parts you have molded, the lower the cost-per-part.

On-Staff Design Experts

We staff experts who have years of expertise with both mold making and injection molding procedures. They will analyze your mold or your product design and they will offer up design changes (with your permission) that will result in a stronger, higher quality part.

Multicolor Capabilities

We also have two-material molding capabilities that will allow us to enhance the look of the final product through multiple colors.

Why should you choose precision injection molding? Here are some reasons:

  • Extremely tight tolerances between +/-.001”
  • Capable of molding extremely small parts with great precision
  • Capacity for extremely high production runs (over a million parts per day)
  • Low cost-per-part that decreases further the more parts you mold
  • Extremely low ratio of defects/parts produced
  • Your choice of materials, including nylon, acetal, polypropylene, and polyethylene
  • Your choice of steel (higher cost, longer lifespan) and aluminum molds (lower cost, shorter lifespan)